"I offer you one final chance. Leave! now!"
- Brevon, threatening the Player before the Final Battle.

Lord Brevon is the Phase 3 End-Boss of Final Dreadnought 4 in Lilac & Carol's Stories, being the Final Boss of Freedom Planet. In Adventure Mode, when the Absolution and Brevon's Power Suit are defeated, a brief cutscene will play, showing an angry Lilac declaring that she will make him pay for hurting Milla, or with Carol taunting him and threating to taking the Kingdom Stone. Afterwards, Brevon will break out of his damaged Power Suit, beginning the 3rd Phase of Final Battle.


Just like the Absolution and his Power Suit, Brevon has a Health Meter, the same meter used for an offscreen cannon encountered before the Final Fight. On Casual, Easy & Normal Difficulties, Brevon will normally attack in the following order: Knife, Mines, Throw, Pistol, repeat. After using this attack pattern twice, he uses his Cape Attack before using it again. On Hard Difficulty, no such pattern exists, making Brevon' attacks harder to predict. If the Player is defeated by Brevon, he will do one last Knife Attack, destroying the chosen character's body, then laughs in victory.


Picture Details
Knife Attack

Brevon will charge at the Player and strikes them at close range with his Knife, ripping off 3 Health Petals from the Player's Health Meterif it hits. This attack can be parried by a well-timed basic attack.

Pistol Shot

Brevon jumps forward and fires a shot from his pistol. If the shot hits the floor, it will leave a lingering flame for a few seconds.

Sonic Mines

Brevon jumps backwards and throws 3 mines on the floor or ceiling, depending on the Player's position. When they detonate, they'll each emit a sonic wave that travels across the floor.

Grab N' Throw

Brevon will quickly grabs the Player and throws them across the room. Unharmed, they'll continue to run after being thrown.

Cape Attack

Using his Cape, Brevon becomes briefly invulnerable and starts flying around the room, leaving a green wave behind him. This attack goes in the order of left downwards, up from below the Player and right downwards. Afterwards, he'll appear from below the Player again, leaving himself briefly vulnerable to attack.

Final Attack

Once Brevon is defeated, the chosen character will deliver a Final Attack to the beaten Warlord:

Lilac's Story

In Lilac's Story, She will Dragon Boost into Brevon 3 times in a row, with the 3rd Dragon Boost being stronger than the previous. As Lilac boosts into Brevon, she'll shout out, "Nobody... Hurts... Milla!!!"

Carol's Story

In Carol's Story, She will throw a barrage of claw attacks at Brevon, getting faster as she attacks.

Milla's Story

In Milla's Story, there is no Boss Fight with Brevon himself. Instead, After Brevon breaks out of his Power Suit, he grabs Milla by throat and attempts to choke her to death. Just then, Lilac appears and Dragon Boosts into Brevon, saving Milla and defeated the Warlord the same way she did in her Story.

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