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Aqua Tunnel Stage Select Icon.png Overview Transcript
Meanwhile, in an underground tunnel. . .
- Text shown before the start of the Stage

Aqua Tunnel is the 1st Stage for Milla in Freedom Planet. It is the main Water Supply and Sewage System that runs under the Royal Palace of Shang Tu.

Stage Overview

Accused for past crimes and attempting to deceive the Magister, Team Lilac is been detained by Neera Li, while Torque is placed in quarantine. In an attempt to find him, Milla digs a hole out of her prison cell and escapes into the Palace Sewers.


Area 1

This Stage is the Sewers of the Royal Palace, and is mostly brickwork, with some patches of dirt Milla can dig into to find Crystal Shards and other buried treasures. There are a number of enemies, which are easily dispatched with a well-placed Phantom Cube or Shield Burst. Although the Area is maze-like, it is mainly straight-forward. Near the end is a Mini-Boss battle with the Iron Worm, a serpent-like creature with a head that resembles a deep-sea diving helmet. The hatch opens regularly to spew damaging green slime. But four Phantom Cubes later, it explodes, and the head rolls onto a switch that opens the path to Area 2.

Area 2

Similar to Area 1, just with the addition of a little more machinery and some swimming. At the end, there is a blocked doorway, and a Phantom Cube is required to open it. Once the pathway is open, jump down it and the Mid-Boss battle with Chomper will begin. After defeating said Mid-Boss, a water current will take Milla to the next section of Area 2. After that, there are a few more enemies to fight, and 2 individual switches that change the position of the sewer pipes. Both switches must be pushed once in order to reach Area 3.

Area 3

Now it's time to climb, using a series of ladders, Jump Springs and moving platforms. There are very few enemies to worry about.

Area 4

Another simple area, but this time there are a few slime pools that need to be navigated. The last slime pool is by far the largest, and this is where the Boss fight with Chomper Snake takes place.


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Minor Enemies

Ganseki Jr.




Chomper Snake


Iron Worm


Achievements (Badges)

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Image Name
Aqua Tunnel Speedrunner

Clear Aqua tunnel in 5 Minutes.

Card Collector (Aqua Tunnel)

Collect all 10 cards in Aqua Tunnel.


  • After the End-Boss Fight, The Stage won't end if Milla is walking on slime water. The Stage will only end when she is on the moving boat.
  • If Milla dies right when the Stage complete sign comes, the Player will restart from the last checkpoint instead of advancing to the next Stage.
  • In the 2nd half of Aqua Tunnel, there is a cluster of pipes in the background. These pipes are identical to the Warp Pipes from the Super Mario Series.
  • Right before the Iron Worm, there's a dirt spot where Milla can dig into. Although it indicates there's treasure, there's nothing really despite the reactions of her when she finds treasure.
  • In the first underwater area after the Mid-Boss Fight, there is a rotating platform. If Milla attempts to swim between the platform when it's closest to the ceiling, she'll be crushed to death, and the Player will have to restart at the last checkpoint.
  • In a chronological timeline, Aqua Tunnel takes place between Sky Battalion and Jade Creek.