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I'd figure you'd say that... Then it's time to kick the tires and light the fire!
- Cory, confronted by the Player and ready for action

The Airship Sigwada is the personal airship of Corazon Tea and the 4th Stage in Freedom Planet 2, being part 3 of the Museum Arc. The Sigwada can deploy smaller drone ships that can swarm a target and distract them so Cory and her crew can escape with the goods they stole for shady clients like Merga.

Story Overview

Team Lilac continues to pursue the culprit who stole Pangu from the Avian Museum and escaped aboard the Airship Sigwada. As they infiltrate the airship, they encounter the culprit, as well as Captain of the Airship, who happens to be Carol's older sister, Cory.

Stage Layout

Much of this stage appears similar to Sky Battalion from the previous installment of Freedom Planet. The stage starts off inside a port where one of our heroes activates a missile launcher and rides them up towards the sky. Once above, the player must navigate through several drone ships before encountering the mid-boss Lancer, which will retreat after half of its health is depleted. Another set of missiles will then appear taking the player towards the Sigwada.

The final area involves navigating the large airship and having another encounter with Lancer before meeting up with the captured Pangu and a deadly encounter with the boss Cory.


Minor Enemies



Corazon Tea