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Acrabelle is an End-Boss set to debut in Freedom Planet 2. She is exclusively found in the Boss Battle Matches of the Battlesphere.


Acrabelle appears to be a toy clown robot, wearing traditional clown makeup and a color palette of turquoise, pink and white. Her hair is a mix of turquoise blue and pink with curls on the side.


Acrabelle's main method of movement is bouncing around while using her coil-like limbs, large pies and bomb-like robots as her main means of attack.


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Pie Trap

Acrabelle can drop a set of large pies around the Arena. If the Player falls into one, they'll get stuck and must quickly break free before Acrabelle can strike.

Coil Arms

Acrabelle can swing her coil-like arms around while jumping.

Leg Twister

Acrabelle grabs onto a bar hanging on the ceiling. Afterwards, her legs will spin around like a helicopter to attack the Player.


Acrabelle can throw bomb-like robots that charges at the Player in an attempt to blow them up.