The Absolution is the Mid-Boss of Battle Glacier and the Phase 1 Final Boss of Final Dreadnought 4.


The Absolution is the personal Starship of Lord Brevon, and appears to resemble a frog-like creature, as it's landing gear doubles as legs. It is equipped with insect-like wings for flight and a single cannon under the bow for combat. From the back view, the Absolution has 6 engines, 2 large ones and 4 small ones.


Freedom Planet

The Absolution is first seen during the Opening Cutscene of Freedom Planet, where it is flying towards Shuigang Palace, breaking through the floors and deploying Shade Elites to attack the Soldiers.

The Absolution is later seen in Jade Creek with Syntax, who had just captured Torque. As they fly away with their prisoner, Team Lilac attempt to give chase, only to be ambushed by Serpentine, and his Gunship. The Absolution can be seen in the background, flying away as the fight with Serpentine starts.

Dreadnought Absolution Endgame

The Absolution, escaping the doomed Dreadnought in the beginning of the final cinematic of Freedom Planet.

Later on, the Absolution is seen in the Snowfields, where it attempts to stop Team Lilac from entering the Dreadnought's Refueling Station. After it is heavily damaged, it flies away and retreats into the Dreadnought, where it is repaired and used by Brevon in a Final Battle against Team Lilac. However, it was damaged once more, and it retreats again after Brevon emerges and equips his Power Suit to continue the fight. After the Final Battle, the Absolution can be seen for the final time, escaping the doomed Dreadnought following Brevon's defeat at the hands of Team Lilac.


Before a Scene or Boss Battle, the Absolution will quickly zoom across the background. In the first part of Battle Glacier, the Absolution will attempt to shoot lasers off-screen at the Player. At the start of the Boss Fight, it will fly across the background before landing in the foreground and catching Players off guard if they're not cautious. Most of the Absolution's attacks involve flying, jumping and using it's main gun.

In Battle Glacier, the Player can make use of Jump Springs to avoid certain attacks, specifically the Absolution's Air Slam attack. There are also Dirt Spot, so Milla can dig up Fire Shield Crystals to provide her with extra protection. In Final Dreadnought 4, The Absolution has 2 new attacks, and it's health is measured by a green column near the Kingdom Stone. It also has slightly less health than Brevon's Power Suit, but loses one bar when taking damage.


  • Landing Slam: After flying across the background, the Absolution will land on the ground so hard, it will create shockwaves on the ground with it's feet. There will even be a brief slow motion moment added as a dramatic effect.
  • Laser Cannon: The Absolution charges it's main gun and fires four shots at the Player while jumping in their direction. The shots only travel forward, so it is recommended for the Player to stay behind the Absolution during this attack.
  • Ram Attack: After flying away and across the background, the Absolution will attempt to ram the Player at high speed, Stunlocking them if it hits.
  • Machine-Gun: Exclusive to Battle Glacier. The Absolution will move slowly move across the air while firing it's Machine-Gun, sweeping the gorund with a barrage of bullets the can be blocked by Milla's Shield.
  • Acid Cannon: Exclusive to Final Dreadnought 4. The Absolution fires multiple shots in the same way as the Machine-Gun. Each acid shot will split in 2 upon hitting the ground, so caution while using Milla's Shield is recommended.
  • Acid Missiles: Exclusive to Final Dreadnought 4. Used at the same time as the Acid Cannon, the Absolution, will launch multiple missiles loaded with acid. Each missile will trace the Player's position before launching at them, spreading acid if they hit them or the wall.


  • The Absolution may possibly take it's name from the ship that broadcasts Toonami, a popular anime programming block on Cartoon Network.


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